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What happens when a Christmas ornament....

 And a Donk.....

Have a baby?


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another 48 update.

There is a great common experience enjoyed by car and bike guys. It's the late, shop night, hale mary. You know you have plenty of time to get the car on the road before the big show, cruise, race ect. Then out of no where... Shit, that's this week end? Some late nights of no sleep and unhealthy consumption ensue and if all goes well........

So the Billetproof Drags are the most fun you can have at a car show period! The plan was to get the car on the road, break it in, make any adjustments / repairs and come rolling in the gate with confidence. Well sometimes things don't go as according to planned, but who cares. It made it. Jimmy spent a lot of time and money to get this thing on the road and if he had decided breaking it in on the dragstrip was a bad idea, nobody would of criticized him. But he made the car guy move and did just that, and we're all proud of him for it. The car left Tampa with just 15 miles on the motor. It came back broke in.

Jimmy's 48 tudor drag racing from Coco Menendez on Vimeo.