Monday, August 17, 2009

Old model car box art.

Mid century advertising produced some great art and model car boxes were no exception. For a lot of car guys these images were there first automotive inspirations and many have become iconic. Seeing these images now still does it for many of us. There's people still building full scale replicas of these cars today.

It's not hard to see the war propaganda poster influence in the earlier boxes. The motion of the cars is portrayed perfectly and gives you a real feeling of action.

It's not hard to imagine how quickly model makers were clued into the idea that these young budding hot rodders were customizing these cars to suit their own tastes. This started the 3 in 1 kit and custom kit trend. The 3 in 1 kit allowed the builder to build the car one of three ways while the custom kit offered a bevy of options. This gave the modeler an experience closer to that of a real custom car builder. Again the art was inspirational.

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