Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dirt Bikes!

Remember that guy who lived in your neighborhood growing up? The one who was a little older than you and your friends, rarely wore a shirt, and smoked cigarettes like he invented it? Well that guy road a Dirt Bike. He never wore a helmet or any other riding gear. He wore Vans, or Chuck Taylors with Blue Jeans, and when he did wear a shirt, it was a beat up concert shirt like: Iron Maiden Number of the Beast tour, circa 1983. That guy didn't care about Motocross, Supercross, MotoX or the latest in shock technology. He road a Dirt Bike for the same reason he wore that Maiden shirt. Because it was dangerous and he didn't give a fuck. He didn't want to practice riding and jumping so he could win races, that's boring. He wanted to ride illegally, on the street, to the SHOP & GO to buy beer with a fake I.D. . Dangerous.


  1. I know of the guy you speak of. he stole my mongoose BMX bike back in 84'. Shaker caned it black and rode it past my house 4 days later,I walked to school that month.....he hadn't been in years.

  2. You're describing the characteristics of a dirt bike rider. Most dirt bike riders feel that they have an authority over anyone else. I remember seeing a dirt bike for sale some time ago. I got really interested and was asking the seller when a man came over and said "the dirt bike is mine." Yikes.