Friday, January 13, 2012

Buddy Holly's Ariel

For those who don't know the story. In 1958, flush with cash, Buddy Holly and the crickets walked into a Harley dealership with no ride home. Their appearance and attitude prompted the owner to escort the boys to the door, believing they were wasting his time. They headed across town and ended up at the local Triumph dealer. The Crickets left with a couple of Triumphs and Buddy left with a Ariel Cyclone. They paid cash.
The way the story goes, the trio hit the local JcPenny, geared up with leather jackets, boots, and levis, and hit the road. They road the 300 miles back to Lubbock through sun and rain. The boys would put countless miles on their bikes that summer never knowing that in less than a year Buddy would be dead.
Buddy's Ariel would change hands for years until the remaining Crickets worked a deal to get it back. They would then present it to Waylon Jennings as a birthday gift.

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